Job Fair for Chinese Enterprises

Recruitment Information

1.Novago sp. z o.o.

Financial controller/analyst ,Translator & Board Assistant(2 person)


1. Bachelor’s degree or above, preferably with finance-related background;

2. Fluent in English, Polish preferred;

3. One year or more working experience is preferred; overseas project management coordination experience is preferred;

4. Proficient in MS Office, especially Excel and Power Point, VBA and Power BI;

5. Strong coordination and problem solving skills;

6. Clear and logical communication and coordination skills;

7. Experience in working in a team and good teamwork skills.

Translator and MC assistant:

1. fluent knowledge of Chinese, English and Polish;

2. higher education (preferred language);

3. experience in similar positions;

4. good knowledge of MS Office;

5. high organisational skills (own work and coordination of others’ work);

6. availability and readiness for business travel.

Position Description:

Financial controller/analyst

1. Financial analysis:

a) Participate in the preparation of short and long term revenue and cost forecasts.

b) Participate in the closing of the parent company and subsidiaries for the month.

c) Keeps reliable records of relevant costs and creates and improves control tools.

2. Financial budgeting:

a) Participates in the preparation of the annual consolidated budget and monitors its execution on a monthly basis.

b) Analyse variances between actual and budget in each cost centre and plant.

c) Analyses and reports on the execution of the capital expenditure budget. Control investments and amend budgets.

3. Others:

a) HQ Docking – Docking with China HQ and prepare relevant reports.

b) Oversee all policies within the group (at operational level), as well as reporting on claims and monitoring their liquidation process (working directly with insurance brokers and insurers).

c) Provide comprehensive financial analyses to support key business decisions.

d) Actively perform other duties as assigned by the Leader.

Translator and MC assistant

1. written and oral translations in Polish/Chinese/English;

2. co-ordination of assigned tasks;

3. preparation, maintenance and updating of selected documents;

4. preparation of analyses, reports and presentations;

5. Supporting the Management Committee in the execution of current tasks;

6. preparation of reports for Management Committee meetings.

Other information:

1. Location: Warsaw;

2. The company offers a localised working environment as well as a market-competitive remuneration package, with the possibility of signing a long-term employment contract and assistance in resolving work visas.

2.Yangtze Optical Fibre and Cable (Poland) Sp. z o.o.

Process Engineer (Optical Cable) 3 people


1.Bachelor or Master degree or above, major in materials science, optical communication, optics, chemical engineering, machinery, information and communication engineering or related fields;
2.English B2 or above, with good English listening, speaking, reading and writing ability, able to speak Polish is a plus
3.Good execution, learning and communication ability, strong practical ability, strong teamwork awareness;
4.Good technical document writing ability and reporting ability.

Position Description:

1. Responsible for the process implementation of optical cable mass production, and further discuss and improve;
2. Responsible for handling various problems in the process, and study the causes of the problems, to prevent recurrence;
3. Responsible for optimizing the process and testing methods from the production level to improve production efficiency;
4. Responsible for developing and optimizing the production process and testing methods of special structure optical cable to guide production;
5. Advise and assist maintenance engineers to optimize and transform the equipment to improve efficiency and qualification rate;
6. Track the quality and use of raw materials, and test other raw materials that meet the quality requirements and have lower prices, in order to reduce the cost of optical cable manufacturing;
7. Responsible for the training of duty engineers and production personnel.

3.Ubiquity Service

Accountant, Driver, Engineer (1,4,5 people)


1. Have accounting experience,
2. Can speak Chinese and Polish, English is a plus;
3. Be familiar with Polish tax laws.

Drivers and Engineers:
1. EU legal status
2. EU driving license, ability to drive
3. You are fluent in everyday communication in English, and even better in Chinese
4. Priority will be given to experience in automotive software testing。

Position Description:

1. Data confidentiality and security: Able to ensure the confidentiality of company information and data, and take appropriate measures to ensure data security;
2. Compliance and legal risks: Confirm their understanding and ability to handle legal compliance and legal risks to ensure that the company receives proper guidance and support on legal matters;
3. Help the company handle tax issues.

Drivers and Engineers:
Need to drive around Europe to test car software.

4.China Visa Service Centre

Officer 4 people


University degree, work legally in Poland, hard-working and willing to pay for the work attitude, the ability to help the team, strong sense of responsibility, conscientious and meticulous, excellent English communication skills, will be able to speak Polish, with a Polish small car driving licence is preferred.

Position Description:

Visa processing, data collection, customer service, answering and responding to inquiries by phone and email, data processing, etc.

5.Zongteng Group

Warehouse Manager, Administrative Specialist, HR Specialist, etc. 10 people


1. Responsible, meticulous, teamwork spirit;
2. No workplace experience does not matter, the main requirement is to do practical and serious, the early start-up stage is more difficult, but can learn things are really a lot, (the early part of the work can be exposed to more boards, career development is not limited) grow together with the Polish business team;
3. Speak Polish, English is a plus.

Position Description:

Warehouse Manager
1、Execute warehouse tasks and ensure operations run smoothly and on time (including product receiving, shelving, picking, packing and shipping);
2, To ensure that the operation process is standardised, high efficiency and low error rate – able to analyse and solve problems encountered in specific operations, able to understand the specific operation process and its logic;
3、Cooperate with team members to complete the team’s tasks with quality and quantity;

Warehouse clerk
1、Working time calculation for labourers;
2、Preparation of data files at the warehouse end and preparation of related reports;
3, The documents that control the flow of goods and ensure the timely execution of warehouse receipts from various departments;

Administrative Commissioner
1、Daily communication with suppliers;
2、Sorting, preparing and classifying documents;
3、Supervise warehouse operations.

There are also other positions open, feel free to enquire.

6.Air China Warsaw Office

Terminal Assistant 


– Bachelor’s degree or higher (inclusive);

– Have an unrestricted work permit for Poland;

– Language skills: Proficiency in English and Chinese (Polish is preferred);

– Proficiency in Office software, such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Newsletter, etc.;

– Ability to work independently, positive working attitude and strong sense of responsibility;

– Good teamwork spirit;

– Civil aviation related work experience is preferred.

Position Description:

– Coordinate with all relevant units at the airport;

– Completing flight arrival and departure preparations;

– Monitoring the work of ground agents and handling passenger service operations such as check-in counters and gates;

– Completing various reports related to flight operations;

– Assisting the Terminal Manager and co-ordinating the handling of airport cargo operations;

– Assist in handling passenger and cargo complaints;

– Completing other duties as required by the supervisor.

7.Ennovation Technology Sp. z o.o.

Business Development Manager , Inżynier elektronik , Embedded developer (3 people)


Business Development Manager
• Zainteresowania i chęć rozwoju w obszarze rozwoju biznesu
• Ukierunkowanie na wyniki pracy
• Umiejętność otwartego myślenia i kreowania nowych rozwiązań biznesowych
• Doskonała organizacja miejsca i czasu pracy
• Budowanie bazy klientów w oparciu o CRM
• Umiejętność pracy pod presją czasu i ustalania priorytetów
• Otwartość i zaangażowanie oraz dobra komunikacja
• Wysoko rozwinięte umiejętności interpersonalne
• Dobra znajomość języka angielskiego w mowie i piśmie
• Prawo jazdy kat. B

Inżynier elektronik
• Wykształcenie wyższe techniczne,
• Znajomość przepisów i norm,
• Rzetelność i zaangażowanie w pracy,
• Umiejętność pracy w zespole.
• Znajomość języka angielskiego umożliwiającego korzystanie z dokumentacji technicznej.
• Umiejętność pracy pod presją czasu.
• Doświadczenia w projektowaniu wiązek

Embedded developer
• znajomość języka angielskiego umożliwiającego swobodną komunikację
• znajomość podstaw elektroniki i techniki cyfrowej;
• doświadczenie z systemami wbudowanymi (mile widziana znajomość mikroprocesorów firmy STMicroelectronics, NXP);
• znajomość języka angielskiego umożliwiająca pracę z dokumentacją techniczną.
• wykształcenie techniczne – elektronika, telekomunikacja, informatyka lub pokrewne;
• umiejętność pracy w zespole i dzielenia się wiedzą;
• umiejętność czytania schematów elektronicznych;

Position Description:

Business Development Manager
• Kontakty z Klientami – przekazywanie informacji na temat firmy i oferty
• Przygotowywanie prezentacji i ofert
• Udział w targach krajowych i zagranicznych
• Kreowanie projektów i pozyskiwanie finansowania
• Wprowadzanie i weryfikowanie informacji w bazie danych
• Współpraca z podwykonawcami / dostawcami
• Organizacja wydarzeń marketingowych i sprzedażowych (częściowo)
• Obsługa social mediów (częściowo)

Inżynier elektronik
• Projektowanie układów elektronicznych oraz PCB
• Znajomość oprogramowania Altium Designer lub KiCAD
• Przygotowywanie projektów wykonawczych,
• Przygotowanie dokumentacji powykonawczej,
• Prowadzenie dokumentacji systemów,

Embedded developer
• Projektowanie układów PCB typu sterowniki pojazdów, moduły telemetryczne, moduły wejść/wyjść
• Tworzenie/modyfikacja bibliotek umożliwiających programowanie mikroprocesorów z poziomu środowiska Matlab/Simulink
• Testowanie prototypowych układów PCB z wykorzystaniem HIL
• Tworzenie dokumentacji rozwiązań oraz analiza ich działania w środowisku produkcyjnym;
• Wsparcie dla innych zespołów w zakresie testowania i integracji produktów.

8.Maitrox Poland Sp. zo.o.

Warehouse Management, Operations Management, Quality Management, Commercial Assistant 4-5 people


Fluent in English and Chinese, knowledge of Polish preferred.

Position Description:

Warehouse Management: Supervise the incoming and outgoing of the warehouse and the arrangement of the products.
Operation management: plan, organise and implement the production of products, with certain management experience.
Quality management: experience in quality management of electronic products, able to effectively control the output of the product.
Business assistant: understand the whole process of production, familiar with the needs of customers, play a bridge role.

9.Sanhua Holding Group

Management Trainee 6 people


1 Financial MT&Intern,Financial background
2 HR MT&Intern(Sales function), HR/sales background
3 Factory Management MT&Intern, science and engineering background
4 Purchase Management MT&Intern, science and engineering background
5 Project Management MT&Intern, science and engineering background

Position Description:

1. Strong cross-departmental and cross-cultural cross-discipline communication and coordination skills, affinity, able to multi-task and multi-role working environment;
2. Responsible, meticulous and rigorous, with excellent problem-solving skills;
3. Strong ability to adapt quickly, learn and resist pressure, able to think independently;
4. Proficiency in office software;
5. English and Polish as working languages (level C1/C2)
6. Ability to work in a multicultural team.

10.Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Europe) Oddział w Polsce

Risk Management Department Intern 1 person



Position Description:

Risk management related working arrangements.

11.SAIC Motor Poland

Sales Support Junior Specialist, HR/Office Junior Specialist, Finance Junior Specialist 3 people



Position Description:

Operational and administration support for Sales/HR/Finance department, – direct contact with HQ in China, – preparation of reports, excel and ppt presentations, – research activities, – support activities

12.Bank of China (Europe) S.A. Spółka Akcyjna Oddział w Polsce

Assistant Administration Manager 1 people


At least one year of full-time work experience, others face-to-face.

Position Description:


Information is subject to change and is subject to corporate interview information.

If you have any questions, please contact the relevant staff, Junming Liu:

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