Job Fair for Chinese Enterprises

Recruitment Information

1.Bank of China (Europe) S.A. Poland Branch

Recruitment position: Assistant Account Manager, General Teller,Business Development Account Manager
Recruitment number: to be determined
Job duties:
Front desk business handling, customer marketing maintenance, comprehensive administration, etc.
Business Development Account Manager:
1. responsible for the sorting, planning and system construction of the products of the Business Development Department;
2. standardising, formulating and improving product operating procedures and management practices, and organising implementation and post-evaluation;
3. responsible for the standardisation and management of daily business, risk monitoring, early warning and analysis and reporting and other related work;
4. Responsible for contacting and maintaining local corporate clients, carrying out marketing work, tracking and analysing client needs, providing suitable financial products and comprehensive service solutions, and completing business operations and credit granting processes.
Recruitment requirements:
1. Bachelor degree or above;
2. Good English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills (B2 and above), proficiency in Polish is preferred;
3. Familiar with Microsoft office software;
4. Plan to develop in Poland in the long term.
Business Development Department Account Manager:
1. have good professional ethics, good teamwork spirit and organizational coordination ability, work rigorously and be innovative;
2. have work experience and work ability appropriate to the requirements of the position, with a strong sense of enterprise and responsibility;
3. strong ability in written expression, independent thinking, communication and coordination and analysis and judgment;
4. full-time undergraduate degree or above, with banking work experience preferred;
5. Familiar with the corporate credit business and trade finance business of commercial banks, with a high sensitivity to corporate financial products;
6. Proficiency in operating office software and strong written expression skills.

2.Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Europe) Oddział w Polsce

Recruitment position: Business Operations Assistant, Assistant Account Manager
Recruitment number: 2
Job duties:

Business Operations Assistant:

1. Handling clearing operations between the bank and other financial institutions, including foreign exchange clearing, bill clearing, securities clearing, etc;
2. Managing the bank’s internal accounts, including reconciliation, reconciliation, interest accrual, etc;
3. Handling the back-office operations of the bank, such as the processing and management of loans, deposits, account opening and other operations;
4. Setting system parameters: responsible for setting, maintaining and updating various system parameters to ensure the stability and efficiency of system operation;
5. Processing of on- and off-balance sheet internal accounting accounts;
6. Managing accounting vouchers, including: scanning and filing all types of accounting vouchers, bills, bills and other documents, ensuring the accuracy and integrity of the vouchers and keeping them properly in accordance with relevant regulations;
7. Handling work related to intensive operations, including optimising business processes to improve efficiency and reduce costs;
8. Data analysis and decision support, including collecting, collating and analysing business operation data to provide decision support and business analysis reports to management and other departments;
9. Monitoring business operation risks, including identifying and monitoring business risks and improving risk control policies and processes;
10. Assisting in the development of contingency plans to ensure smooth business operations.

Assistant Account Manager:
1. Assist the Account Manager in marketing and achieving business growth targets.
2. Promote the implementation of the company’s business, complete credit due diligence and KYC due diligence, as well as the necessary
2. Promote the implementation of the company’s business, complete credit due diligence and KYC due diligence, as well as necessary contract text communication and other internal processes. Establish good communication channels with all relevant business support teams within the bank.
Good communication channels;
3. Provide daily maintenance services and management of customers during their tenure.

Recruitment requirements:

Business Operations Assistant:
1. Have relevant professional knowledge and skills, such as banking, accounting, finance, management
skills and ability to be proficient in the use of relevant software systems and tools;
2. Have strong communication and teamwork skills and be able to communicate and coordinate effectively with internal departments and external partner organisations
3. Strong communication and teamwork skills, able to communicate and coordinate effectively with internal departments and external partners;
4. Have a strong sense of responsibility and service, able to strictly follow the workflow and standards to ensure
5. Have a strong sense of responsibility and service, and be able to work in strict accordance with work processes and standards to ensure the accuracy, efficiency and security of operations;
6. Have strong learning ability and adaptability, able to continuously learn and master new knowledge and skills, adapt to
rapidly changing work environment;
7. Strong analytical and problem solving skills, able to quickly and accurately solve business problems and issues through data analysis and logical thinking
solve problems and risks in the business quickly and accurately through data analysis and logical thinking;
8. Have good professional ethics and stable psychological quality, be able to withstand large work pressure and workload, strictly comply with relevant regulations and systems, and safeguard the interests of the company and customers.

Assistant Account Manager:
1. Have legal status and can be legally employed locally in Poland;
2. Fluent in English and Polish, knowledge of Chinese preferred;
3. Full-time undergraduate degree or above in finance, economics, accounting or related disciplines, with similar working experience in banking
3. Full-time undergraduate degree or above in finance, economics or accounting, with similar work experience in banking preferred
4. Strong analytical and problem-solving skills and the ability to quickly conduct customer and business research and analysis
4. Strong analytical and problem-solving skills, able to conduct customer and business investigations and analysis quickly;
5. Good professionalism, strong sense of responsibility, strong communication skills and teamwork spirit.

3.Air China Limited S.A. Oddział w Polsce

Recruitment position: Passenger Sales Assistant / Terminal Salesman – Freight (TBC)
Recruitment number: 1
Job duties:

Passenger Sales Assistant Job Duties:
1.maintain good communication with travel agencies and passenger ticket agents and coordinate matters related to passenger ticket services;
2.To keep track of market competitors and assist in market expansion;
3.Promote products and services to customers;
4.Assist in handling passenger complaints;
5.Complete the work required by the sales manager.

Terminal salesman job duties: (to be determined)
1.Complete flight arrival and departure preparation work
– Monitor the work of ground agents and handle check-in counters, excess baggage, upgrades and rescheduling, etc;
2.Completing various reports related to flight operations;
3.Coordinating with all relevant units at the airport;
4.Assisting in handling irregular baggage transportation and passenger complaints;
5.Implementing cargo field operations, consolidation equipment management, information input and customer service to provide service and protection for cargo sales;
6.Completing other work as requested by the Terminal Manager and assigned by the company.

Recruitment requirements:
1. Bachelor’s degree or above (inclusive);
2. Knowledge of the civil aviation reservation system, with civil aviation related work experience is preferred;
3.Verbal ability to communicate with customers and proficiency in English, Chinese and Polish (preferred);
4. Proficiency in MS-Office software, such as Word, Excel, etc;
5. Ability to work independently, positive work attitude and strong sense of responsibility;
6. good teamwork spirit;
7. A Polish work permit is required if you are not a graduate of a Polish university.

4.China Harbour Engineering Company Ltd., (Sp.zo.o.) Oddział w Polsce

Recruitment position: Commercial Manager
Recruitment number: 1
Job duties:
1.Responsible for marketing deveopment in Poland and CEE, involved in overall process including,tender information collection,initial assessment of project,organizing bidding,prequalification,negotiation,etc;
3.Assisting in investment activities, involved in overall commercial activities of investment projects;
3.Assisting the GM of Poland Branch,in dealing with Depts of Headquarter,finish the assignment from GM of Branch and Depts of Headquarter.
Recruitment requirements:
1. Bachelor degree achieved at least;
2. English level better than and including B2, skilled in reading, writing, speaking;
3. Educational background with both Engineering and Commerce will be preferred.

5.Greenroad Logistcis Poland Sp. zo.o.

Recruitment position: Logistics Specialist
Recruitment number: 2
Job duties:
1.Visiting clients with supervisors;
2.Contacting and communicating with local agents or port agents;
3.To complete other tasks as assigned by the local supervisor and the General Manager of the European Region.
Recruitment requirements:
1.Graduate of a local Polish university;
2.The ability to work in English or Polish;
3.Can adapt to travel within the EU;
4.Other to be discussed.

6.CGL investment Holdings Corporation Limited

Recruitment position: Operations
Recruitment number: 1
Job duties:
1.Management of logistics park operations;
2.Assisting the European Regional Manager in the overall management of the Operations Department in V4 countries;
3.Implementing the management requirements of the domestic headquarters;
Recruitment requirements:
1.Graduate of a local Polish university;
2.The ability to work in English or Polish;
3.Can adapt to travel within the EU;
4.Other to be discussed.

7.Wolong Electric Group Co. Ltd.

ATB Tamel S.A.

Recruitment position: Junior Procurement Specialist,
Junior production planner,
Logistics Specialist/Assistant,
Recruitment number: 8
Job duties:
Junior Procurement Specialist:
• Creation of the suppliers’ panel.
• Management of contracts with suppliers.
• Participation in negotiations with suppliers / vendors.
• Organization of work within the assigned area of responsibility with a view to achieving the planned results.
• Creation and management of suppliers’ panel in every area of the company’s activities.
• Creation of orders and contracts.
• Verification and acceptance of each material demand in terms of its completeness, selection of reliable sources of supply, if necessary sending inquiries and the assessment of complex price quotes and the final choice of supplier.
• Approval of the instructions and procedures for all payments of invoices issued by suppliers.
• Placing reorders in case of returning goods to the supplier.
• Maintaining contacts with other departments within the company and the group.
• Monitoring, analyzing and making everyday decisions that support formal actions within ERP and managing their introduction as part of routine tasks MRP.
• Planning and forecasting the demand and purchasing.
• Timely supply of materials for production.
• Cost optimization.
• Cyclical establishing, maintaining and monitoring the optimal stock levels.
• Updating the SAP system regarding ordering materials, new reference numbers related to indirect materials, supplier base.
• Analysis of data concerning materials, prices, suppliers, markets.
• Initiation of corrective actions to ensure the compatibility of the delivery schedule and reservation of necessary parts.
• Complete and accurate preparation of reports for state offices and the cooperation and contact with them.
• Preparation of reports required by the organization, group and regulations.
• Organization and participation in internal and external meetings.
• Care and supervision to entrusted property.
• Participation and implementation of productivity projects.
• Periodic assessment and verification of suppliers.
• Performing other tasks assigned by the supervisor.
• Representation of the plant outside within a purchasing area.
• Submission of demands and comments about the company in any form.
• Access to a computer system and database (within the acknowledged rights).
• Signing of invoices, purchase orders and other documents issued by the purchasing department.
• Requiring a leave, support and other activities which comply with Polish law and internal regulations of the company.
Junior production planner:
• Communication with Internal sales platform to reply the questions about delivery of sales order.
• Communication with other planners and coordinators to get the information of delivery.
• Communication with purchasing colleagues to collect the shipment information of purchase parts.
• Other temporary tasks from planning department manager.

Recruitment requirements:
Junior Procurement Specialist:

• High education, economic or technical
• Good spoken and written English
• Have a good command of Microsoft tools
• Experience working in ERP system e.g. SAP will be an advantage
• Availability to work full-time stationary in the office
• Good analytical skills, problem solving skills, negotiation skills and good focus on details
• Professional approach to work, strong sense of responsibility
• Positive, helpful attitude and ability to work with others
• Ability to work in a diversified, cross culture organization.
Junior production planner:  
• University degree, mechanical, automation, electrical, material, etc.
• Fluent English in speaking/writing
• Advanced use of MS office Excel
• Experience working in ERP system e.g. SAP will be an advantage
• Highly organized and efficient, proactive approach to work
• Good at communication.

8.Maitrox Poland Sp.zo.o.

Recruitment position: Hardware Engineer
Recruitment number: 3-5
Job duties:
Testing and repair of mobile phone motherboards, etc.
Recruitment requirements:
1.Can work in English or Polish;
2.Other interviews.

9.Xiamen Yangcheng New Energy Company Limited

Recruitment position: Foreign trade salesman
Recruitment number: 2-5
Job duties:
1.Responsible for assisting the company in setting up the Warsaw office;
2.Developing new customers, maintaining old customers and maintaining good customer relations;
2.Responsible for promotion and sales in foreign markets, product quotations and business negotiations;
3.To be responsible for the completion of sales tasks and the tracking of refunds;
4.Assist the technology development department in data collection and product improvement;
5.Responsible for the collation of target customer information and the timely feedback and processing of customer requirements.
Recruitment requirements:
1.Educational background: college or above, excellent written and spoken English skills;
2.Professional ability: ability to develop customers independently and understand the foreign trade process;
3.Ability to perceive the market, grasp market dynamics and market direction;
4.Strong analytical judgment, coordination and communication, problem solving ability and certain correspondence handling ability;
5.Practical experience: 1-3 years of experience as a B2B foreign trade salesman preferred;
6.Job quality: love foreign trade business sales work, positive, active, strong sense of responsibility, good communication and teamwork skills.

For special reasons, this company unable to attend the conference, so please send your CV to the following address.


Recruitment position: Warehouse Management
Recruitment number: 50
Job duties:
1.Ensure that the warehouse operations are running normally and on time (including product receiving, shelving, picking, packing and shipping);
2.Ensure that the operation process is standardized, with high efficiency and low error rate;
3.Be able to analyse and solve problems encountered in specific operations and be able to understand specific operational processes and their logic;
4.Work with members of the team to achieve quality and quantity of delivery for the group.
Recruitment requirements:
1.Responsible, meticulous and a team player;
2.Have a work permit and be able to file tax returns properly;
3.Relevant experience in logistics and warehousing is an advantage;
4.Polish/English/Chinese as working language is preferred.

11.SANHUA Automotive Poland

Recruitment position: Administrative Specialist, HR Specialist, Finance Specialist, Project Assistant, Project Engineer
Recruitment number: 5
Job duties:
Administrative Specialist: responsible for legal residence work matters of Chinese personnel, translation, docking with local government agencies, procurement of administrative materials, etc;
Project Assistant/Project Engineer: responsible for the standardisation and filing of project documents, assisting the project manager in project work, coordinating and promoting follow-up matters, interface with domestic departments.
Recruitment requirements:
1.English language skills – intermediate to advanced;
2.International cross-cultural experience (a plus)
3.Ability to deliver results within target timescales, resilience to pressure;
4.Proactive approach and focus on improvement, fast learner;
5.Flexibility to adapt to a rapidly changing work environment, problem solving skills and quality awareness.

12.Minth Sanhua Auto Parts Poland Sp.z o.o.

Recruitment position: HR Assistant , Logistics Manager , Quality Manager , SQE , GA Accountant
Recruitment number: 5
Job duties:
1.Human Resources Assistant: supports the HR Manager in the implementation of HR activities.
2.Logistics Manager: responsible for materials and warehouse management.
3.Quality Manager: responsible for quality systems and product quality management.
4.SQE: responsible for supplier quality management.
5.GA Accountant: responsible for accounting activities.
Recruitment requirements:
1.Human Resources Assistant: fluent in Polish and English.
2.Logistics Manager: 2 years of experience in logistics management, fluent in Polish and English.
3.Quality Manager: familiar with system management, fluent in Polish and English.
4.SQE: more than 2 years of relevant work experience. Fluent in Polish and English.
5.GA Accountant: 2+ years of relevant work experience. Fluent in Polish and English.

13.Intellienegry Electric Private Limited

Recruitment position: Process engineer, quality engineer, production planning engineer, warehouse manager, welding technician, personnel administration specialist, etc.

Recruitment number: 10-15
Job duties:
1. Responsible for mechanical structure design, drawing and transformation, preparation of APQP process documents, PFMEA, CP, SOP, etc. (including cutting, stamping, welding, spraying, testing and other structural parts related processes);
2. Responsible for equipment selection and acceptance, tooling design and management;
3. Responsible for feasibility analysis, production planning, process verification, quality verification, capacity verification, on-site technical support and guidance during product and project development;
4. Responsible for sample making process and new product process introduction;
5. Responsible for operation process training, standardization development and training of field operators;
6. Responsible for improving the quality management system, formulating quality control documents, and preparing SIP inspection;
7. Responsible for quality management during new product development, including incoming materials, process, testing and final inspection; Develop quality standards and test standards at each stage;
8. Responsible for assisting in material certification for new products, formulating material testing standards and assisting in raw material selection; Participate in design review, validation and validation during new product development.

Recruitment requirements:
1.Under 35 years old;
2.Have good personal quality and professional ethics, honest and trustworthy, diligent and dedicated;
3.Bachelor degree or above
4.Mechanical automation, process engineering, welding, metal materials and other engineering majors are preferred;
5.Fluent in English, can be used as a working language, familiar with Polish is preferred;
6.Manufacturing experience, internship experience is preferred;
7.Excellent personnel may relax the qualification requirements appropriately。


Job duties:
1.Sales assistant and customer service;
2.Supporting the sales team in order processing, generating offers and orders in ERP; supporting marketing activities; conducting market research on products, etc.;
3.Administration and finance;
4.Support office work; including office administration processing, accounting bookkeeping, and reconciliation with accounting firms, etc.
5.Regional sales.
Conditions of treatment:
1.Sales assistant and customer service Brutto 6000, adjusted as appropriate to the situation;
2.Administration and finance Brutto 6000, adjusted as appropriate to the actual situation;
3.Regional Sales (Polish native speaker) Brutto 10,000 ZLN, commission based on performance.

15.Zepp Health

Job duties:
Conditions of treatment:
1.Logistics, supply chain background;
2.3 years of experience;
3.Chinese language skills.

16.Mignen sp. zo.o

Job duties:
Negotiable in person
Conditions of treatment:
Negotiable in person

17.Tuopu Poland

Job duties:
Assisting the project manager with project matters.
Conditions of treatment:
1.Fluent in Chinese and fluent in English;
2.Outgoing personality, good at coordination and communication;
3.Ability to solve problems independently;
4.Knowledge of mechanics is preferred.

18.OIP TECH Sp.zo.o.

Job duties:
1. Reconcile account documents and ;complete reconciliation with head office
2. submit financial settlements;
3. responsible for financial matters related to affiliated companies.
Conditions of treatment:
1. Bachelor’s degree or above, preferably from a business background or with finance-related experience;
2. Native Chinese, with the ability to work in Polish or English;
3. Proficiency in Excel, Word and office software.

19.Ruijie Networks Co. Ltd

Job duties:
Negotiable in person
Conditions of treatment:
Negotiable in person

Information is subject to change and is subject to corporate interview information.

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